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IP over Avian Carriers

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IP over Avian Carriers.


Subway stair just a little bit higher causes trips video

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redditor deanpeterson posted about a video he made becaues one of the stairs at his subway station was just a little bit higher than the others, causing lots of people to trip on it.


I Can Beat Him Up

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Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming

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A lecture explaining why using our imaginations, and providing for others to use theirs, is an obligation for all.


Autumn Leaves

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Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy

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So the Texas sharpshooter fallacy is a thing.


Pixar Story Basics

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Pixar story artist Emma Coats has tweeted a series of “story basics” that are quite interesting.


Megan Jaegerman

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In this 2007 writeup, Edward Tufte highlights and includes many examples some of the amazing graphics of Megan Jaegerman.


The Malice at the Palace

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Here’s an interesting article that takes an oral history approach to The Malice at the Palace.


ISS Star Trail Photographs

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During ISS Expedition 31, astronaut Don Pettit took some really cool star trail photographs.

This is the same guy who back in Expedition 6 made his own barn door tracker out of spare parts he found around the space staion.


Voyager Golden Record

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I think my favorite photo on the Voyager Golden Record is “Supermarket, NAIC”.



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I’ve been reading the Dune series, and it’s been great so far.

There’s a quote here on the back cover of the copy of the 1977 paperback printing I have of the first book:

“Unique… in the depth of its characterization and the extraordinary detail of the world it creates. I know nothing comparable to it except The Lord of the Rings.” – Arthur C. Clarke


Interplanetary Cessna

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This week’s what-if.xkcd was pretty good.


HelixSnake’s Skate 3 videos

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HelixSnake’s Skate 3 videos are always a good time.



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Yale Stewart (twitter/tumblr) writes/draws/colors/edits/publishes the amazing JL8: A Webcomic. As he puts it, it “follows the adventures of popular DC comic characters as children in elementary school.”

I like it very much. If you want to get into it, I’d suggest starting at the really nice fan-archive that Axel Samuelsson put together.


Mark Pilgrim

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A year ago, Mark Pilgrim disappeared from the Internet. I was always a fan of his writing, in particular the brand of humor he blogged with. I used his fruit salad recipe once.

I hope he starts up again some day.


XKCD 1110

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After you’ve gone and experienced the 1110th xkcd for yourself, you may be interested in seeing the whole thing at once, put together and presented by mah boy Phlip.


Lance Armstrong The Onion Editorial

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As usual, The Onion seems to handle, summarize, and satirize an issue extremely well.


“Time Out” – The Dave Brubeck Quartet

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YouTube user gilmour509 has a bunch of great complete album uploads.

Here’s a favorite:

It’s the cats that really make it.


Sudo Uncle Ben

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A long time ago, dsandler posted about the diff where the sudo sources were updated to include the Uncle Ben quote in the lecture. The diff link has changed, but it’s still a great find.

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