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I got a letter today from my school’s financial aid office. The letter, dated at the top “06/18/04″ and postmarked on the envelope “Jun 29 ’04″, said that I still need to send in my “Award Acceptance Form” for my scholarship. At the bottom were the dates of two prior notices, “05/26/04″ and “06/18/04″. Of course, I had already sent this form in right after I had received it. I have a copy of it right here. Some interesting dates associated with this one as well. It is dated at the top “05-26-04″ with a reply date of “06/04/04″ and a postmark on the envelope of “Jun 8 ’04″. Yeah, it was mailed two days after I was supposed to have gotten it back to them. Now I’m going to be sending back the form I got today with a checked “items sent earlier” box.

But I’m sure this kind of thing goes on all the time at many different schools. I’ve have heard some horror stories about our Student Accounts and Registrar Services (yup, SARS) office. I’d never complain about them, though. One click of a button over there and my life could be ruined.

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