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Thrilla in Houston

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I’m watching the Major League Baseball All-Star game. Best part: Muhammad Ali.

Here’s how it went down. Two kids from the Boys and Girls Club are to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Ali comes out with two baseballs to give to them. Ali starts pretend-boxing with one of them, then the camera. He then stands to the side as they throw to Lance Berkman and Derek Jeter. Jeter and Berkman then come out to the mound and give the baseballs to the kids. Then they both pause for a photo op with Ali and the kids. Ali starts pretend-boxing with Jeter. Jeter kind of pretends to run away from him. Jeter then calls both teams over from where they are all standing behind the mound, and they gather for a group photo with Ali. Alex Rodriguez and Luis Sojo kneel in front of the group. As the photo is taken, Ali gives Rodriguez the ‘ol bunny ears.

Hilarious. He is The Greatest.

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