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Who is Ned Williamson?

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So this morning at work we had our monthly safety meeting. I get to the conference room early, and sit down near the back next to the only other person there, a gentleman by the name of Igor Palley. Now, this dude is smart. He was just named “Inventor of the Year” by the New Jersey Research and Development Council for inventing SpectraShield (pdf), a high-strength organic fiber for protective clothing and body armor. He’s got a sheet of paper in front of him and he is just going to town on the thing, filling it will cool looking math.

So anyway, people start to filter in and the group starts talking about Ken Jennings. One person brings up the recent New York Times article on him titled “O.K., Alex, Smart Nerds for $1 Million”. Another talks about the great service he is doing for nerds around the country. A really good conversation.