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Rummy doesn’t even bat a ‘lash

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Okay, I think I know what Bush was trying to say, but what he actually said is still funny. And make sure you watch the movie (.mov).

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Yesterday, I read a Slashdot article on Katie Jones and the trouble she’d been having with Penguin Putnam.

Here’s a summary of the story: Katie Tarbox was a victim of an online sexual predator. She wrote a book about it in 2000. After trying the name “” (no go, it was a hardcore porn site), the book was named “Katie.Com” by Putnam. Now, is registered to Katie Jones and has been since 1996. Tarbox’s lawyer was demanding that Jones turn over the domain name.

This morning, Ms. Jones was interviewed by GrepLaw. Interesting to note that all the negative reviews that the Slashdot faithful added to the book’s listing were removed. Three hours and six minutes later, Slashdot posted that the book had been renamed.

Pretty cool, huh?