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What is Greasemonkey?

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Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that allows you to write scripts that alter the web pages you visit. You can use it to make a web site more readable or more usable. You can fix rendering bugs that the site owner can’t be bothered to fix themselves. You can alter pages so they work better with assistive technologies that speak a web page out loud or convert it to Braille. You can even automatically retrieve data from other sites to make two sites more interconnected. #

Pretty much, a Firefox user would install the Greasemonkey extension which would then interface with separately installed “user scripts” that the user could either write himself or find in the repository.

The possibilities are mind-boggling for what an end user could do to improve their browsing experience.

You can find out more by checking out Mark Pilgrim’s GPL licenced book on programming with Greasemonkey, Dive Into Greasemonkey.


FoxTrot mentions Wikipedia

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May 7, 2005 FoxTrot Panels One and Two
(Click for the whole strip at

Totally cool is right.

Via today’s front page.

Update: See this archived version of Wikipedia’s Warthog article for another laugh.


Tom vs. 3 train

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Less than an hour ago, I stood on the platform of the 2/3 Clark St. station. A 3 train pulled in, and not surprisingly was quite full. The area around the door I had chosen that morning was particularly packed, but I knew I could fit. To help things along, as I entered the train I began to remove my large backpack to place at my feet so that it wouldn’t be taking up other people’s precious personal space.

Here’s where things turned ugly.



What’s in a SVG?

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So I read somewhere in the past week that recent nightlies of Firefox will now have SVG support enabled by default.

Wikipedia says that Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML markup language for describing two-dimensional vector graphics, both static and animated. It is an open standard created by the World Wide Web Consortium, which is also responsible for standards like HTML and XHTML.