Guess and Check



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So I went skydiving today at Skydive Sussex.

The staff there was great. I tandem jumped with a guy named Kiwi from New Zealand, who was friendly, laid back, professional, and an overall great guy. He has a place in Ithaca, NY, where his wife teaches at Cornell University.

[Edit: I found out after posting through an article in the New Jersey Herald that Kiwi is a bit new to tandem jumping, but a few of the other things mentioned in the article seem to be a bit off compared to my jump, for instance, the sliding landing was anticipated in my case. Anyway, just a pretty interesting find.]

I went for the full package and got a video and still photos, taken by my cameraman Vinnie. I uploaded the stills to an album for easy viewing.

The weather was beautiful and the view was stunning. It was a great experience and I’d love to do it again sometime.