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That’s My High School!

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I just happened to be browsing Slashdot’s front page when a certain article summary made me do a double-take.

wayward writes “Students at Pope John XIII, a Catholic high school, were told to take down their blogs from sites like Xanga and MySpace or face suspension. Rev. Kieran McHugh, the school’s principal, said that he was trying to protect students from online predators. Not too surprisingly, free speech advocates got more than a little concerned.

The reason for the double take is that I attended Pope John XXIII Regional High School in Sparta, New Jersey. Yeah, the article and the summary both get the name of the school wrong, but that sure is Rev. Msgr. Kieran McHugh they’re talking about. I guess the person who wrote the article for the Asbury Park Press didn’t do too well with Roman numerals.

I’m going to be keeping myself abreast of the situation, and if I find out anything interesting, I’ll be sure to post about it.


I’m a Wiki-Fiddler

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Fun quote from The Register‘s recent “Wikipedia founder admits to serious quality problems” article:

Meanwhile, criticism from outside the Wikipedia camp has been rebuffed with a ferocious blend of irrationality and vigor that’s almost unprecedented in our experience: if you thought Apple, Amiga, Mozilla or OS/2 fans were er, … passionate, you haven’t met a wiki-fiddler. For them, it’s a religious crusade.

Via Slashdot.


Take the long way home

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If anyone is like me and has wished for a link on Jordan‘s current setup to the tag he pulls all those links from with Magpie RSS, now you can stop wishing:


Jordan just wrote me the above Greasemonkey user script so that he wouldn’t have to add the link in his HTML. Now my browser does it for him.

Works like a charm. Thanks Jordan.


Chance of Rain on Saturday Night

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The weather is looking pretty bleak:

Forecast as of 4:34 PM EDT Tue Oct 11 2005

Via the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.