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Andrew at six months

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So I met my nephew Andrew yesterday. My brother and sister-in-law brought him down for the weekend to visit.

Here’s some video my father put together of me and him:

He’s a cute little guy.

See Apatosaurus and Normal human body temperature for more info.


Packing Peanut Prank

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So I pulled the “filling up the office with packing peanuts (but not really)” prank on my boss.

Here are some photos and videos of the setup and his reaction:


Joan Acocella on New Yorkers

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Joan Acocella gives her opinions on how New Yorkers are both seemingly rude but also helpful in public.

My mother, who lives in California, doesn’t like to be kept waiting, so when she goes into the bank, she says to the people in the line, “Oh, I have just one little thing to ask the teller. Do you mind?” Then she scoots to the front of the line, takes the next teller and transacts her business, which is typically no briefer than anyone else’s. People let her do this because she is an old lady. In New York, she wouldn’t get away with it for a second.

But also:

In the subway or on the sidewalk, when someone asks a passerby for directions, other people, overhearing, may hover nearby, disappointed that they were not the ones asked, and waiting to see if maybe they can get a word in.

Her main point on this is that we (New Yorkers) live so much of their lives in public (eating outside in parks, using the subway, etc.) that we act in public like we do in private. Very interesting.

Via Kottke.


Cash Cab sighting

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Finally saw the Cash Cab last night.

Cash Cab

Ben Bailey gave us the thumbs up. And a producer shushed us for getting too excited as he had a passenger read from a script.