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G.B. Trudeau vs. F

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October 30, 2004 Doonesbury Panel Four

I don’t know, I figure with an election right around the corner, newspapers could find something else to complain about.

Via dsandler.


Comment spam

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Whoa. I totally got hit with some comment spam today. 13 comments with a link to some poker website.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to give some props to WordPress‘s comment handling. It took me less than 20 seconds to delete them all.

Amazing. And poker-dude, I’ve got my eye on you…

Andkon Tackles Mozilla Website Again

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Andras “andkon” Konya recently wrote up a critique of the current design of the website. He even proposes a thorough redesign, complete with a working demonstration.

I found the Flash intro particularly interesting.


Update: staff member Gervase Markham has some thoughts on Andkon’s use of statistics.


My new Palm

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I just got a Palm Tungsten E handheld. It’s pretty good. I already feel more organized.

Does anybody have any tips or recommendations for apps or hacks? I’d love for this thing to be tricked out. I’m open to any suggestion, but just remember that I’d like for it to be done as cheaply as possible.



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I mailed in my absentee ballot yesterday.

This would have just gotten a routine mention if it wasn’t for Jordan. He brought to my attention the Get Off the Internet and Vote site.

So I sent an email to with five photos attached. This one here is my favorite:

Voting Photo Five


Jon Stewart on Crossfire

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Jon Stewart was on Crossfire yesterday. I simply cannot adequately describe the manner in which he absolutely bitch slapped the show.

Lucky for you, Matt has the show available for download. Go watch.


Ben Goodger interview

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An informative article: Unearthing the origins of Firefox.


CSS fixing

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I fixed up the CSS around here today. Now everything should look fine, even in Internet Explorer. If you think anything looks weird, let me know.

If you like, you can use the style section of the menu to compare the current (“tom”) to the old (“tom_old”). Just make sure you set it back to “tom” when you’re through.

Update: I uninstalled the style switcher plugin on November 1, 2004.



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Okay, there’s really only one reason I’m linking to this article: Zinni Says U.S. to Be in Iraq for Years.

Here’s why:

Retired Marine Gen. Anthony C. Zinni criticized the Bush administration’s run-up to war but said now that U.S. forces are in Iraq “we can’t afford failure.”

Zinni said in a speech Thursday he expects American troops to be in Iraq for five to 10 years, facing a “witch’s brew” of insurgents, criminals and “al-Qaida wannabes.”

That’s right. He said Witch’s Brew.


Firefox Critical Update 0.10.1

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Firefox critcial update notification

This little guy just popped up in Firefox. It seems that a hacker could have deleted files in my download directory if he or she first managed to get me to download a malicious file.

Read the press release for more information.

NEAFS 2004

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I just got back from the Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists 2004 annual meeting held at the Hilton in Mystic Connecticut. Since I went up late on Friday I didn’t get to see everything, but the presentations that I did see were great.

Boy, do I love this stuff.