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Dolores Umbridge lolcat ideas

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<Dot_com> Dolores Umbridge has plates with cats all over her walls
<Dot_com> I'd like to see lolcats made of these
<BazookaJoe> Nope, can't find any DoLOLrescats.
<HeimAway> im in ur school. writin ur edukashenal dekrees.
<Dot_com> im in ur hogwarz
<HeimAway> inquisitor cat disapproves ur defence group
<Dot_com> hem hem
<DorianGray> holy shit it's a centuar. Get on the broom!
<HeimAway> u will submit to minnistree. kthxbai.
<Dot_com> i wil not tel lais
<HeimAway> o hai. i help wif ur dissiplinning students.
<DorianGray> there will be no need to talk.
<stux|away> and they said that the internet would lead to a decline in grammar... how wrong they were.
<HeimAway> There's probably a few contexts where "DO NOT WANT" would work, but those tend to rely on images, so a bit hard to do in here.

Via undisclosed IRC channel. (I wasn’t there at the time to be able to contribute.)

I think this idea has great potential. This image (from this post by Kristen Devoe) is the best I could find for the purpose. There’s plenty of cats in a variety of poses there that could be used.