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10 years?

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Microsoft Security Program Manager Stephen Toulouse runs Firefox. That’s pretty cool.

Via Slashdot.


Forget Johnny Appleseed

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SP2 just popped up in my Windows Update this morning. I don’t think I’m going to install it yet.

Yeah. I’m… hesitant.


Rip… what?

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Is it just me, or do those new Oral-B Brush Ups seem kind of weird? Or maybe it’s just those commercials…

I know I’ve never had a subway ride like that.


What $1,100 can buy

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Here’s a great article: Inside Al-Qaeda’s Hard Drive

Alan Cullison, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, discovered two Al Qaeda computers during the time he spent in Afghanistan. This article details some of his findings and really gives some amazing insight into what was going on in the minds of some of Al Qaeda’s members.


It isn’t unusual

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Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head for days? This one I’m dealing with now is Tom Jones‘s “It’s Not Unusual“.

Of course, in addition to that, I keep thinking of Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and the dance Alfonso Ribeiro used to do so well while he sang the song. If I remember correctly, he used to say he based that dance on Courteney Cox in that Bruce Springsteen music video.

Uh oh. Here it comes again…


I’m such a dummy

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Yeah, so if you view the menu I tweaked yesterday in any screen resolution or browser window size other than the one I was using when I set it up it doesn’t work right.

So I’m going back to the float until I can figure something out. Or someone makes a suggestion…


Style some of this

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I did a bit of work today on

First I fixed up the menu. Since the beginning, I had been using a float. Now I’m going with absolute positioning. So instead of being three pixels off in Internet Explorer, it’s about ten pixels off. Weird. Of course, this was the main reason I made the switch, so I’ll have to look into that.

I also did some work on the link manager and added a few empty pages. This is in the hope that I will be motivated to work on them in the coming weeks.

However, the big improvement of the day was the installation of Alex King‘s Style Switcher. Check it out. The default still should be the same, but now you can choose to view the site in a variety of ways. Ahh, the beauty of CSS.

Update: I uninstalled the style switcher plugin on November 1, 2004.

I don’t go to the gym…

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Here’s an interesting headline: Knightley signs autographs in the nude.

Whoa. I like this true professional.


Rummy doesn’t even bat a ‘lash

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Okay, I think I know what Bush was trying to say, but what he actually said is still funny. And make sure you watch the movie (.mov).

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Yesterday, I read a Slashdot article on Katie Jones and the trouble she’d been having with Penguin Putnam.

Here’s a summary of the story: Katie Tarbox was a victim of an online sexual predator. She wrote a book about it in 2000. After trying the name “” (no go, it was a hardcore porn site), the book was named “Katie.Com” by Putnam. Now, is registered to Katie Jones and has been since 1996. Tarbox’s lawyer was demanding that Jones turn over the domain name.

This morning, Ms. Jones was interviewed by GrepLaw. Interesting to note that all the negative reviews that the Slashdot faithful added to the book’s listing were removed. Three hours and six minutes later, Slashdot posted that the book had been renamed.

Pretty cool, huh?


Something completely different

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I love it.


Holly’s photos

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So I’ll be moving back to New York on August 24th. I was looking for some nice pictures of The City today to get me phyched. I found some amazing ones that were taken by Holly Northrop. This gallery here is my favorite. Beautiful.