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30 Rock Dealbreakers

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On this week’s 30 Rock, the Borders worker in the window holds up Liz’s book to show her the “if your man is over thirty and still wears a nametag to work, that’s a dealbreaker!” line before the camera pans to reveal that he’s apparently over thirty and wearing a nametag.

In the brief moment he holds the book up, we can see a bit of the rest of the text on the page. From what I could make out, here’s what it said (lowercase use reported faithfully as used on screen):

he has a job that he’s passionate about the chances that he will stalk you when you break up lessen. A busy man doesn’t have the time or patience to try and figure out that the password to your email is awesomesexylady09.

The flip side is that if you do date a guy with a good job he can hire a professional to stalk you [continues off screen]

Other career deal breakers include

comedy writer
charlie sheen
break dancer
repo man
drug mule
las vegas anything
[list continues off screen]

Clearly the comedy writers on the show make these kind of jokes just for me, as no one else has apparently reported it yet. Or (and this is probably more likely) other people noticed but just didn’t feel the need to report it.