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Chocolate Layer Cake

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Here is today’s Chocolate Layer Cake, made via Gale Gand’s recipe.


In more places

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Hey, you know that AT&T commercial where the two partners are trying to sell beer? The one guy that came up with the beer and seems to be in charge of infostructure and planning keeps receiving phone calls from the guy that’s out on the road pitching the beer to bar owners and getting them to agree to stock and order his beer. During all this, the voiceover guy (Stanley Tucci) is telling you how great the blah blah and blah blah is, and then he mentions AT&T’s marketing slogan:

“More bars in more places”

Yeah, I just got that it’s also a play on words for the situation the two guys are in, since AT&T is helping them get their beer into more bars in more places.