Guess and Check


Boo at the Zoo

Filed under: General — 9:59 pm

I can check “wear an Elmo costume and take pictures with kids and families at a Halloween event at the zoo” off my list.


Ninja cross-stitch

Filed under: General — 11:48 pm

I made this one for Ben’s birthday.

He’s the Ninja from Final Fantasy.


New Jersey to Arkansas driving statistics

Filed under: General — 10:20 pm

I finally found the receipt that I scribbled these on the back of:

  • Total distance driven: 1213 miles
  • Total time driven: 18 hours 8 minutes
  • (giving us an average speed of about 66.89 miles/hour)
  • Average fuel economy: 31.0 miles/gallon
  • (giving us about 39.13 gallons consumed)
  • Total times Dr. Horrible soundtrack listened to: At least six


Thinner cookies

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Replacing an egg with milk will promote spreading, resulting in a thinner cookie.

See The Thin recipe via season three episode six (“Three Chips For Sister Marsha”) of Good Eats (video) (transcript) for details.