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Jon Stewart on Crossfire

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Jon Stewart was on Crossfire yesterday. I simply cannot adequately describe the manner in which he absolutely bitch slapped the show.

Lucky for you, Matt has the show available for download. Go watch.

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  1. Swirlee - Jon Stewart ‘08 Says:

    [...] nd MPEG here (thanks Matt), MOV, MP3, and transcript here (thanks Norm). Link courtesy of Tom.

    General link


    The TrackBack URI [...]

  2. John Pennington Says:

    Wow! Speaking as a long time fan of Jon Stewart and the Daily show, I was truly quite surprised as well as utterly impressed by Jon’s appearance. I’d never really imagined him to be so much more than just a very funny and politically savvy comedian. On Crossfire, he showed us all that he truly cares about the sate of our nation. He had the balls to say what many of us only wish we would ever have the chance to say to those highly paid and well dressed cogs in the political machine. My respect for Jon Stewart grew immeasurably in that half an hour. It’s a very welcome sign to see that someone, that ANYONE, is finally starting to demand a bit of unbiased truth in the American media. Kudos to you Jon!

  3. Swirlee Says:

    Jon Stewart ’08
    People have been joking since 2000 about putting Jon Stewart in the White House. After seeing him absolutely eviscerate Crossfire’s Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala — along with the rest of the mainstream media — on their own show, I think at the very…

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