Guess and Check



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One of the great things about using WordPress is the ability to add on to it using plugins. They seem to be getting better every day. I can’t really decide which ones I would even want to use. However, what I’ve been doing is checking out a bunch of the blogs of some of the heavy posters over in WordPress’s support forums. Some of them are absolutely amazing. Here are some of the good ones: Alex King, Max Thrane, Podz, Nick Momrik, and Matt Mullenweg.

And then there’s the hacks. So much good stuff I’m going to have to look over. I actually went ahead and tried one of these out, to kind of test my ability to edit the proper files. You might have noticed that all the links in this post have the “title” property set. That is thanks to this hack right here.

Once I’ve had a chance to really look over these other blogs, I’m going to go ahead and try some plugins out. And even though I pretty much have the layout how I wanted it, I’ll keep tweaking it. Those three pixels keep bothering me. I think it has something to do with how I’m floating the menu. And of course, I also have to work on the other pages of the site. You know, I’ll have an “about/info” page, and a “photo” page, and maybe some other pages. It’s going to take some time, but if I did everything all at once I wouldn’t have anything to blog, right?

Fixed that problem

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Well, it might have taken me a little while, but I managed to fix that error I talked about earlier. Seems that the problem was in the default CSS that WordPress gave me. The div class for the “Comments” link didn’t have it’s “clear” property setting right. It was clear: all; and all I had to change it to clear: none;. Turns out “all” isn’t even a valid value for the clear property.

Now the menu is three pixels too low in IE. Still looks great in FireFox though. Download your copy today!