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If only this happened more often

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{Tom and Melissa are walking home from Key Food. They are engaged in pleasant conversation, minding their own business. Suddenly Boy, who had been approaching them on the sidewalk, stops in front of them. Tom and Melissa also stop.}

Boy: Homsar?

{Melissa has no idea what’s going on. She stares blankly at Boy. Tom however, quickly catches on.}

Boy: Homsar. {points to his own chest, then at Tom’s shirt} Your shirt.

Tom: You’re absolutely right! {Tom unbuttons the top button of his coat to exposes Homsar on his shirt completely.} Oh my goodness.

Boy: Yeah, I have the same one at home.

{Boy, Tom, and Melissa begin to continue on their way. Tom looks back at Boy and points.}

Tom: I love you!

Yeah, so I had on my Homsar shirt. What’s really amazing is that he noticed even though only Homsar’s hat and the top half inch of his head were visible from underneath my coat.

This kid totally made my day.