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I made a bookmarklet

Filed under: Technology — 7:44 pm

Those of you who frequent the Homestar Runner Wiki may know I enjoy the “Show new changes starting from” feature of the Special:Recentchanges page quite a bit. Since I check over a lot of the edits, I always leave a tab open in Firefox with that page loaded so I don’t lose my place. It works great, and all the changes show up right how I like them.

The only time I run into a problem is when I view the Wiki on a different computer, and my trusty tab isn’t there. Since I use the Enhanced Recent Changes feature, I can’t simply look at the regular Recent Changes page, because edits that I have already reviewed that day will show up if another person has edited the page.

Therefore, I created a solution: a simple bookmarklet that asks me what time I want the page to display results from. It really just saves me from typing them directly into the location bar myself, but it’s still cool.

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