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Sweet hosting offer

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Earlier today I was taking a brief look at (via Matt). I clicked on the “wordpress” tag in the “recent tags” list and the fourth link there was for “Create a Website for Free” created by MacManX. I followed a link in that article for a “1and1 6 month Business Package Free Preview” and ended up signing up for a free test drive.

I got a call from a lovely robot ten minutes later. I told it the code they gave me when I signed up, and that was it. I now have six months of premium 1and1-brand hosting at my disposal. And when they say premium, they mean it. We’re talking about 2 GB storage and 50 GB transfer a month!

The site was ready to go and their place holder page was up in 15 minutes, and 3 minutes after that I added my own. Check it out at

If I remember correctly, this deal is somewhere along the same lines as Jordan’s One sweet deal he landed a while back.

A sweet deal indeed.

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