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I’m going to be taking Introduction to Creative Photography this fall. I had been looking for the required “35mm camera capable of manual control of F/stop and shutter speed” for a while, and I bought one on eBay last week. It’s a RICOH XR-10 and it came fully loaded.

It just arrived today and it is in amazing condition. I can hardly tell it’s been used, which is particularly spectacular considering it was originally purchased on December 30, 1989. I should be having some photography related fun in the coming weeks.

3 Responses to “RICOH-la”

  1. Rob Says:

    Sweet deal. Can’t go wrong for that price. You will probally make it up in the cost of developing the film. Sounds like a fun class. Can’t wait to see some of you pictures posted.

  2. Melissa Says:

    You forgot to mention the cool AT&T pin that the bag came with! That’s the most exciting part.

  3. Gipsy Says:

    Grandpa is a 30 year ATT Pioneer. He would like to see that pin. Good luck witk the cxamerra. Looks like a great buy!!

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