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Firefox middle click won’t close tab in Linux

Filed under: Technology — 11:06 pm

For some reason, when I upgraded to Firefox 1.5 in Ubuntu, a middle click no longer closed tabs.

To fix it, I set middlemouse.contentLoadURL to false in about:config.

4 Responses to “Firefox middle click won’t close tab in Linux”

  1. ed Says:

    For some reason, when I middle click with Linux it always loads some URL, even if on an empty part of the screen (I’m guessing that can be fixed somehow with about:config)

  2. Tom Says:

    Yes, when set to true, middle clicking loads the contents of the clipboard as a URL. This is the default for Linux/Unix.

  3. Joey Says:

    Invaluable. Thanks, Tom.

  4. Mike Says:

    Fantastic! Thank you!

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