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First Time with HDR

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I finally got around to experimenting with high dynamic range imaging. I wasn’t entirely thrilled with my results, but I uploaded an example to an album.

The images were taken with my father’s Kodak EasyShare P880 and combined in Gimp with the help of JD Smith‘s exposure-blend plug-in.

Edit: (08-Jan-2007) I got some nice originals this weekend for an end result of this image. Amazingly, the originals were taken with my own more point-and-shoot camera and I adjusted the exposure simply by pointing at bright/dark things before taking the respective image.

2 Responses to “First Time with HDR”

  1. Loafing Says:

    Hmm, no, I guess you wouldn’t be impressed with the results based on these source images. It looks as if the clouds aren’t just moving, they also seem to change shapes in-between shots, so you’re bound to get more blurring than an actual HDR effect. Also, HDR is made for images with very dark and very bright regions, and those clouds didn’t have much shadow.

    I’ve been wanting to try this stuff out for quite a while now, I’ll check out the plugin you mentioned. Thanks for the link :-)

  2. Tom Says:

    Yeah, moving clouds made it a bit rough. I need to find more clouds that look like these.

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