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Taylor Made

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This morning as I woke up, my clock radio alarm was playing this jamming tune. That was, until it started to skip. Now, I knew my radio wasn’t skipping, since they don’t tend to do that. So I kind of just raised my eyebrow a little, even giving it a little *tap tap* just to make sure. Nope, it turns out Gary Walker was having some technical difficulty, as I then heard a clunking noise followed by him explaining how technology was wonderful. He got the track to start again, but I really wanted to know the name and artist and Gary only gave me a little hint by saying “Dr. Billy Taylor” after the skipping.

Enter WBGO‘s nice play list feature: there it is, Billy Taylor with I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free from the Taylor Made at the Kennedy Center album.

I also managed to find a nice YouTube video of him playing it with his Trio, have a listen.