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Zack Hample and Mike Trout

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Zack Hample is a writer. He also goes to a lot of baseball games and gets a lot of balls from going to those games. He also blogs about his experiences. This recent post he made about catching Mike Trout’s first home run is a great read.

What comes though to me the strongest is Zack’s love of baseball. It’s nice to read about something he so obviously cares about.

Also of note is that I saw Mike Trout play AA ball about three and a half months ago. In that game (recap, box score) I didn’t get to see him hit a home run, but I did get to see him catch a fly ball, walk, advance to second, steal third, get stranded at third, strike out swinging, catch another fly ball, field a line drive, ground out, catch another fly ball, walk again, and then get thrown out at second in the first out of a double play that ended the game.

Trout is just shy of his twentieth birthday, but it seems like he might go pretty far.

Via Ben.

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