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Upgrade to WordPress 1.3

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As I’m sure some of you have noticed, over the past few days I’ve updated to WordPress 1.3. Now WordPress 1.3 is still in alpha, but it’s stable enough for me. It took me a while to fix my stylesheet and get everything to look the same as it was, but pretty much everything is great now.

The way themes are handled just blows my mind.

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  1. Joey Says:

    Movable Type has always allowed you to use separate files for each type of page on your blog. That’s one of the things that really boggled my mind when I switched to WordPress: “You mean this one file does everything?!”

    That’s why it took me so long to figure out how to add the “Additional Reading” section to my front page. In Movable Type it was as easy as adding a second loop to my index page and leaving my archive pages the way they were. Not so easy in WordPress, but it sounds like 1.3 will allow more flexibility in that regard.

  2. Anonymous Says:

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