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Gmail account

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I am now the proud owner of a Gmail account. I went with Clever, huh? Anyway, from what I hear, these things are supposed to be a pretty hot commodity.

Credit goes to Jordan for the invite. Thanks again, Jordan.

3 Responses to “Gmail account”

  1. Jim Ley Says:

    So what do you think of it?

  2. Tom Says:

    Well, the interface and everything looks great. I’m sure it will be much better than any other online e-mail provider. The only thing is I’m not so sure how much use I’ll get out of it, having four other e-mail addresses already. But it will be great to use it when I’m away from the home base and unable to POP3 everything.

  3. Pedro Vera Says:

    All your google text ads are belong to, uhm, somebody else I guess.

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