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I was having a kind of argument with my brother a short while ago about how to correctly pronounce “GIF” (as in Graphics Interchange Format). He said it was giff with a hard g, while I maintained that it was jiff like the peanut butter. Well… I’m right. See the Wikipedia article and this other page on the subject. Turns out the original documentation included how to pronounce it.

Now if I could only pronounce PNG correctly…

2 Responses to “Choose GIF”

  1. Joey Says:

    I believe PNG is pronounce “ping”. Were you just joking, or did you really not know that?

  2. Tom Says:

    Yeah, you’re right Joey. I linked to the same Wikipedia article you did. (Or were you being funny there?) For some reason I pronounce each letter individually. I know I’m wrong in doing that, and I wish I could pronounce it correctly.

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